Jim Drew's SX-64 Ultra Reset - gotta love it!


Long, long ago (perhaps around 1987 or so) I spotted an SX-64 for sale on a local bulletin board, or perhaps it was in the want ads in the paper…I can't really remember. At any rate I had seen these on display in the local K-Mart, displayed prominently next to the Vectrex on the electronics department counter. Here was one for sale in like new condition and the price was right; I had to have it.

A few years later and I'm standing in my living room with a police officer telling the story of how my horrible roommate ripped me off. As I listed the missing items for the police report the one that stung the most was that SX-64.

So years later I succumbed to the urge to pick up a replacement. Since then, I've had a somewhat scruffy SX-64 in my closet which worked well but didn't make any noise. I'd mothballed it until a few nights ago.

I finally decided to clean it up and repair it the best I could. I managed to fix the sound issue with a replacement SID and give it a good scrubbing down while it was apart. Now fully working and looking great I decided to give it a work out and test a pile of 1541 drives I'd accumulated over the years. Not being familiar with the SX I soon discovered that the internal drive was fixed at ID 8, and that presented a problem trying to test the drives as the internal was 'in the way.'

A quick search revealed Jim Drew's tiny little Ultra Reset upgrade which adds a drive selector, system reset and ROM switch feature using only the standard drive reset button behind the trap door - so cool! Days later I had one in the mailbox and completed the installation last night. It's very simple to install, well documented and nicely built - and works exactly as described. A system reset and drive ID selector are essential with the closed SX-64 system. Thanks Jim!

Click here to go purchase one of your very own: CBMSTUFF SX-64 Ultra Reset

Now if only the 1541 Ultimate II properly worked with the SX-64…

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