Mosaic 32K RAM Board


I'm in the process of cleaning up an Atari 800 by doing a case swap with a minty, non-yellowed case I found on eBay. Upon opening my existing 800 I discovered a Mosaic 32K RAM board tucked away neatly behind the Atari 16k module.

It's fun to think about the days when a computer was judged by the amount of RAM in it. I remember my original 400 with 16k and the immediate feeling of inadequacy to anything other than a Timex/Sinclair owner. If I'd have had an 800 at a time when they might have only come with 16k to start with, I'd have been all over this $179 affordable option!

I don't remember considering an upgrade for my 400 although I believe they may have existed. Given the funds I would have definately purchased a keyboard upgrade way before considering more memory :), 19:21 05/28/2017

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