UAV Video Upgrade for Atari 8

Bryan over at AtariAge has released the UAV Rev D in limited quantities. This upgrade works on all Atari 8 bits and even consoles like the 2600 and 7800. It's easy to install and provides a super-clean svideo and/or composite output through the magic of science. It has tons of stuff like regulators, 3 channel amplifiers, pixel re-clockers and chroma shaping circuits - whatever all those things are. It all results in very clean video and the best quality output you can derive from original Atari hardware. Get one if you can.

I picked up a few of these and installed one in an 800XL. The installation is simple if you're comfortable soldering (you really should be). 6 solder points to the Atari main board and you're done. See my UAV page for pics and notes on my install.

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