UAV Rev D Installation for 800XL (NTSC)

Here's a full 800XL install. The ferrite beads carrying Video and Luma are lifted and the UAV signals are injected at that point. Chroma is wired to the DIN jack. I've shown how clipping the pins slightly can get the board lower in the socket.

It's a tight fit if you've got the lower version of the shield, but I got it to go together. I've also included a couple of my favorite Rastaconverter pics.

There are several versions of the 800XL motherboard, but I believe the video circuits are pretty similar.

Power to the video circuits tends to be affected by RAM noise. Your choice of Ground location can make a difference in the quality of the picture. The ground location shown has wide copper back to the ground plane, so it should work pretty well. The absolute best location is the ground pin of the monitor jack, or on the ground plane nearby.

Again, lift the two ferrite beads (L7, L9) in the back, and put your Video and Luminance there. Run a wire for Chroma.