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This is specifically for the fonts on Atari 800 series carts for reproduction of labels:

  • Title (STAR RAIDERS II) Font: Salzburg-Bold
  • Computer Games: Font: Salzburg-Regular
  • Atari CXL4029: Font: HammerFat

Update: the above fonts are wrong but left in for reference - proper fonts below

Repro Cart Labels: https://atari8bit.net/repro-cart-labels/

SIO Devices

Floppy Options



SIO2PC/10502PC Dual-USB

Disk Images

Disk Preservation

Disks and Drives

The first thing to take into consideration is the type of disks you're backing up. If you're like me, you've got a bunch of 5.25 inch disks that are notched and have data on both sides. Back in the day, this was a way to save some cash - but today it'll probably cost you some cash! You'll need a PC floppy drive capable of reading a “flippy” disk, so prepare to either a DIY or purchase a modded drive.

Archiving Options

No brainer here, get a Kyroflux. The SuperCard Pro is an up and comer and will even let you directly create ATRs, but the software is less mature and the Kyroflux is enormously popular and supported.


The Kyroflux is currently the best solution for archiving old Atari floppies. You'll attach the Kyroflux to a Mac/PC/Linux machine and attach a PC floppy drive to it. You're then able to 'rip' the disk into a stream file for processing. Once the disk is ripped, you're good to go. Put it away, hang it on the wall, you're done with it.

  • AtariAge - Thread with details from Farb on DTC command line for A8.
  • Kyroflux Forum - Preserving Atari 8-bit disks
  • Info-Coach - Project page for DrCoolZic's Kyroflux experiments.
DTC Command Line Examples

To create a Kyroflux preservation stream of a “flippy” or notched 2-sided Atari disk

dtc -p -f[DiskName]\track_ -g2 -y -i0 -i2 -k2 -b-8


An amazing utility that converts data from Kyroflux (or SCP) stream files into ATR/ATX files.


Creating ATR files using a8rawconv of both sides of a disk

a8rawconv [DiskName]\track_00.0.raw [DiskNameA].atr
a8rawconv -r [DiskName]\track_00.1.raw [DiskNameB].atr

Here's a handy DOS batch file that covers the whole raw stream + ATR creation process. Call it rip.bat and just provide a diskname when running [rip.bat disk27].

echo off
set arg1=%1
dtc -p -f%arg1%\track_ -g2 -y -i0 -i2 -k2 -b-8 -tc5 -t10
a8rawconv %arg1%\track_00.0.raw %arg1%a.atr
a8rawconv -r %arg1%\track_00.1.raw %arg1%b.atr

Mass Storage Expansions

Video Upgrades


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