Jeff Bell - Atari Legend!

Jeff Bell is a legend, at least to a couple of my buddies and I. In the early 80s as we all started using our 300 baud modems and stolen Sprint codes to call BBSes all over the world there was Jeff Bell who ran the 'official' Atari BBS out in the mystical land of California. The 408 area code represents nothing but Atari and Jeff Bell's Itsy Bitsy BBS to me to this day. The Antic podcast did an interview with Jeff which is absolutely worth listening to. He's one of the earliest Atari employees, and the guy who turned the lights out when the last Atari employee (himself) left the building.

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UAV Video Upgrade for Atari 8

Bryan over at AtariAge has released the UAV Rev D in limited quantities. This upgrade works on all Atari 8 bits and even consoles like the 2600 and 7800. It's easy to install and provides a super-clean svideo and/or composite output through the magic of science. It has tons of stuff like regulators, 3 channel amplifiers, pixel re-clockers and chroma shaping circuits - whatever all those things are. It all results in very clean video and the best quality output you can derive from original Atari hardware. Get one if you can.

I picked up a few of these and installed one in an 800XL. The installation is simple if you're comfortable soldering (you really should be). 6 solder points to the Atari main board and you're done. See my UAV page for pics and notes on my install.

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Mosaic 32K RAM Board


I'm in the process of cleaning up an Atari 800 by doing a case swap with a minty, non-yellowed case I found on eBay. Upon opening my existing 800 I discovered a Mosaic 32K RAM board tucked away neatly behind the Atari 16k module.

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Jim Drew's SX-64 Ultra Reset - gotta love it!


Long, long ago (perhaps around 1987 or so) I spotted an SX-64 for sale on a local bulletin board, or perhaps it was in the want ads in the paper…I can't really remember. At any rate I had seen these on display in the local K-Mart, displayed prominently next to the Vectrex on the electronics department counter. Here was one for sale in like new condition and the price was right; I had to have it.

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